Bridal Wear Guide for the Mature Bride

There are any number of reasons why people wait to get married until later on in life; it could be that you simply hadn’t met the right person, you had a long engagement, or that your significant other took a little longer to pop the question! Regardless of age, the search for the perfect wedding dress as a mature bride can be quite challenging.

Whether you are on the hunt for a designer wedding dress that is beautiful and exquisite or are searching for something that as unique as you are; finding the right dress can be quite daunting at the best of times.

Bridal Wear to Suit All Ages

This is true no matter what your age – even for a 25-year-old, with what is perceived as the ‘perfect lean figure’! Fast forward a few years, however, and what you've gained in the inner confidence that comes from knowing yourself with age can often be thwarted by insecurities about fading youth.

You want your day to be special, like any other bride, but you’re acutely aware that you don’t want to fall into the ‘Mutton dressed as lamb’ trap, and equally, you know you don’t want to compromise on your dress - and neither should you have to. 

All too often, for fear of appearing foolish, older brides play it safe. So safe, in fact, that they’re almost indistinguishable from their guests.

Staying within a comfort zone might feel safe, but your wedding day should be about being true to yourself, irrespective of age, shape or size.

Most older brides want to be able to express a little of who they are, to look their absolute best and to be remembered in this way long after their big day.  They don’t want to fade into the background, and nor should they. Even those that say they don’t like attention still want to be remembered as looking amazing.

Helpful Advice for the Mature Bride

So, what advice would I give after 25 years of dressing beautiful brides of all ages?

Firstly, don’t despair. There is a designer wedding dress out there that is perfect for you; it just takes a little looking.

The key to looking and feeling fabulous as an older bride is to find a dress that flatters your figure and your skin tone whilst celebrating your unique and individual style. You may want to start with some bridal mags, just to get a feel for what’s out there and then take your search online. Once you know the terminology for the dresses you like, your online search will be much more fruitful.

Be as specific as possible. What words would you use to describe your dream dress? Bold and theatrical?  Are you looking for a dramatic wedding dress? Or would you prefer elegant bridal wear, perhaps with a modern twist.  Would you embrace a 50’s inspired Holllywood wedding dress, or is classic bridal wear more your style with simple sophistication. Once you’ve done your research you’ll have a better idea of which styles you do and don’t like.

During your search, you will notice that many available wedding dresses have been designed with the younger bride in mind – often using fabrics and shapes to fit and suit their needs while being led by current trends.

One of the many reasons why our designer dresses are so loved by mature brides is that they are not governed by passing trends.

Even though they have a contemporary feel, they have the timeless quality of vintage Hollywood and the golden age of couture -  so that when you look back through the wedding album, in years to come, you won’t be left cringing at any long past fads.

Getting the right advice from a professional you can trust is also really important on this journey. When you know you are in safe, knowledgeable hands you will feel more confident about the whole experience.

Equally, you need to be aware of the salesperson, fluent in the art of persuasion, just wanting to make a sale. A true professional will confidently and honestly advise on what works best for you, taking into account details like the neckline, style, colour and materials used.

Above all, body confidence is really important for your big day. 

We often use integrated corsetry in our gowns. A common misconception is that wearing a corset means sacrificing comfort for your big day, but a perfectly fitted corset won’t be uncomfortable and shouldn’t leave you feeling restricted in any way. It will simply give you the ability to maximise or minimise your natural curves as much - or as little - as you want.

Remember, too, that colour is fantastic for making your bridal wear more distinctive.  If the traditional ivory or white route isn’t for you, there are many beautiful alternative colours to choose from, including soft blush tones right through to bold and vibrant shades. 

Working with Angelina Colarusso

Our couture bridal wear is truly unique, designed with your shape, size and taste in mind. Whether you want to walk down the aisle with demure elegance, exuding Hollywood glamour or want to wow your friends and family with show-stopping corsetry, you can. We work with you every step of the way to give you a dress that you love but ultimately working comfortably with your body.

With our experience in crafting beautiful designer wedding dresses, you can rest assured that your gown will be every bit as glamourous as you want it to be.

In summary, it is your day and you deserve for it to be every bit as special as your younger counterparts.Marilyn Monroe said that “true beauty is timeless” and, in my experience , I have come to understand that it is also ageless. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Sticking with what is safe for fear of getting it wrong  is a real shame and a missed opportunity to shine, so I encourage you to go for it… whatever that is.

In my experience, you’ll know when you’re in the right dress because you’ll feel absolutely amazing, - and that is really what being the bride is all about!

Angelina x