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This is a collection of some of Angelina’s most distinctive bridal gowns. Drawn together by their unique and different style, these dresses allow you to truly express yourself and make a bold statement whilst still retaining breath taking elegance and glamour. Through the use of colour, dramatic styling and vintage Hollywood glamour, these dresses stand apart and have a character all their own.

Isadora is a bold and iconic dress from Angelina’s collection. A sophisticated claret velvet gown that captures all the glamour of the silver screen. The concealed corsetry flatters and supports to give an hour glass silhouette complete with a fish tail train. The deep and delicious claret velvet draped across the body and neckline adds a sensuous touch to a distinctive dress.

A completely different look can be acquired with a two piece, beautifully illustrated by Julienne. With a gentle nod to the decadence of the mid nineteenth century, this bodice is a work of art. Skilfully embellished and embroidered, the crinoline style bodice sits perfectly over the slim line oyster silk crepe satin skirt. The bias cut skirt hugs the figure and reveals a soft train. Unforgettable and bespoke, this duet of textures is an elegant choice for an alternative bride.

A dramatic entrance can be almost guaranteed with Venezia, bringing to life themood and majesty of the Carnevale di Venezia. Contrasting fabrics and textures using silk duchesse satin, metallic silk organza and a crystal beaded neckline create a unique dress for a dramatic entrance.

These are just a few of Angelina's alternative wedding dress designs. We have created many incredible dresses which stand out in their elegance and drama, colour and style.