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A collection of wedding dresses that perfectly captures the Hollywood glamour of the 1950s.

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A selection of stunning wedding dresses which personify the elegance and glamour  of Angelina’s vintage 1950s style. From the sensuous Gabriella, full of vintage Hollywood drama, to the devastating claret red velvet Isadora, a wedding dress of timeless sophistication. Each dress captures the essence of the stars of the silver screen and, using concealed corsetry, gives the wearer a perfect hourglass silhouette.

Our Venezia evokes the carnival mood and majesty of Venice, contrasting silk duchesse satin with metallic silk organza to arouse an awareness of texture. With the addition of a crystal beaded bodice this dress resonates the glamour and grandeur of the Venetian Carnival.

Opera is a sensational wedding dress, full of drama this captivating dusky vintage rose taffeta gown stands apart from the others. An opulent and provocative design, with full detachable bustle, sculptural body draping and quirky coursage detail, this wedding dress is the perfect choice for a confident and self assured bride.

 A strapless wedding dress is a glamorous and sensual choice, like La Diva, in a sultry silver duchesse satin, draped around the body to perfection, sculpting the figure and evoking the show-stopping glamour of the 50’s. Along with other dresses in this category like the fur trimmed designs of winter wedding dresses Anoushka and Nenochka, or the rich crushed velvet textures of Natalia, all these dresses exude a need to be noticed and a desire to be appreciated. We consider them to be the ultimate in glamorous wedding dresses.