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"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream"  -  Edgar Allan Poe


What is it about a beautifully designed gown that makes it so deeply transporting?  So much more than the details...the cut ,colour and fabric, it is something more elusive...the valiant musings of a visionary designer captured in every evocative fold and stitch.

Often caught between the dazzle and deadlines of fashion and their inner dream world and imaginings, there is endless pressure for designers to perform and meet expectations whilst trying to remain true to their own inspiration, and it takes courage and a certain other worldliness to succeed at this.

 It is these very qualities that shine through  Angelina's work… remaining steadfastly authentic to her core influences and values from concept to creation and indeed throughout her entire business.

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Seeing trends but not governed by them, creating in her couture wedding dresses a distinctive and timeless quality that stands out enough to tempt a bride from all corners of the globe.  

Just as a beautiful dress is not defined by detail alone,  there is something inherently captivating in an approach that celebrates the female form and the woman as an individual....beautiful in her own right, regardless of age shape or size…….

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