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Vintage style wedding dress Gabriella by Angelina Colarusso is a slimline silver silk dress with dramatic detachable train.

Celebrating the female form with our redefining corseted wedding dresses and exquisitely sculpted silks.


Each breathtaking gown, though distinctive and modern, is dripping with all the glamour of Old Hollywood and the Golden Age of Haute Couture...a tribute to all the iconic vintage style wedding dresses and the timeless elegance of the world's most unforgettable women.

Vintage style wedding dress Ava by Angelina Colarusso is an ivory silk off the shoulder gown with fish tail skirt and train.
Vintage style wedding gown Opera by Angelina Colarusso made of pink silk taffeta with slim dress and full detachable train.


Established 1990

Vintage style wedding gown Amelie by Angelina Colarusso is a slim ivory silk gown with corseted bodice and detachable train.
Vintage style wedding dress Elise by Angelina Colarusso is a lace covered corset bodice with a silk taffeta and tulle skirt.

Timeless Vintage Style Bridal Gowns   Inspired by Old Hollywood and  the Golden Age of  Haute Couture

For over thirty years, our couture gowns have attracted women from all over the world in search of a totally unique wedding dress, that in their mind is unlike any other.


Unforgettable and distinctive, each timeless bridal gown is hand crafted in our London Wedding Atelier by highly skilled seamstresses. Here, every dress, as individual as each bride, is impeccably stitched, fitted to perfection and receives attention to detail that is beyond bespoke.

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