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About Angelina…and All That Glamour

It takes a very special designer to prompt a busy bride to hop on a flight from the other side of the world for the dress of their dreams, but for over 30 years, brides wanting to make an unforgettable personal statement have done just that...travelling to see Angelina in search of a dress that is totally unique, and in their mind, unlike any other wedding dress they’ve seen.

Unassuming and dedicated to her craft, Angelina is known for her redefining corsetry and distinctive body sculpting, something she has perfected from very early on in her design days. Whilst other students were cutting flat patterns, Angelina would be draping and pinning silks, creating more beauty with each added fold, as she has continued to do to this day. And in this way, each gown is born. 

But these are not just dresses. They are symbols of a life where creativity was nurtured and passion inspired...awoken from it’s slumber by the iconic beauties of another place and time. Hollywood in it’s hay day. 


The images of the greatest goddesses of those golden years, etched in Angelina's imagination and memory. The years of devouring old Hollywood movies as a young Italian girl, restricted to the confines of her home whilst escaping into another world. A world full of romance, where people and places were dripping with glamour. 


Now, years later, it’s that same iconic glamour, captured in each and every stitch that make her gowns so compelling...and timeless.

Vintage style wedding dresses by London wedding dress designer Angelina Colarusso.
London Wedding Dress designer Angelina Colarusso’s Epoque gown made of ivory silk taffeta with full dramatic skirt.

On Beauty…

What is it about a beautiful gown that makes it so deeply transforming…and transporting?  So much more than the details...the cut, the colour or fabric. 

It’s something more elusive. The dreamy musings and insights of a visionary designer, captured in every evocative fold and stitch. The knowing, of who the wearer can be, or really is, and the understanding that beauty is everywhere, you just have to look. Then you draw it out.

Just as a beautiful dress is not defined by detail alone, there is something inherently captivating in an approach that celebrates the female form and the woman as an individual...beautiful in her own right, regardless of age shape or size. 

In short, we believe all women are beautiful. Some just need need a little help in seeing that.

On Being True…

Often caught between the dazzle and deadlines of the business of fashion and their inner dream world and imaginings, there is endless pressure for designers to perform and meet expectations, whilst trying to remain true to their own inspiration. 


It takes courage, willfulness and a certain other worldliness to succeed at this and it is these very qualities that shine through in Angelina's work…remaining authentic to her core influences and values, from concept to creation and throughout her entire business.

Seeing trends but not governed by them, and so creating in her couture wedding dresses a distinctive and timeless quality that stands out enough to tempt a bride no matter the distance.  

Vintage style wedding gowns by bridal couturier Angelina Colarusso, showing ivory silk timeless wedding dress with corset.
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