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Luxury couture wedding dress designer in London, Angelina Colarusso.
Luxury couture wedding dress designer in London, Angelina Colarusso.
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It takes a very special designer to prompt a busy bride to hop on a flight from the other side of the world for the dress of their dreams, but for over 30 years, brides wanting to make an unforgettable personal statement have done just that... travelling to see Angelina in search of a dress that is totally unique, and in their mind, unlike any other wedding dress they’ve seen.


Unassuming and dedicated to her craft, Angelina is known for her redefining corsetry and distinctive body sculpting, something she has perfected from very early on in her design days. Whilst other students were cutting flat patterns, Angelina would be draping and pinning silks, creating more beauty with each added fold, as she has continued to do to this day.


And in this way, each gown is born. 

But these are not just dresses... they are symbols of a life where creativity was nurtured and passion inspired... awoken from it’s slumber by the iconic beauties of another place and time. Hollywood in it’s hay day. 


The images of the greatest goddesses of those golden years, etched in Angelina's imagination and memory.

The years of devouring old Hollywood movies as a young Italian girl, restricted to the confines of her home whilst escaping into another world. A world full of romance, where people and places were dripping with glamour. 


Now, years later, it’s that same iconic glamour, captured in each and every stitch that make her gowns so compelling... and timeless.







What is it about a beautiful gown that makes it so deeply transforming…and transporting? 

So much more than the details... the cut, the colour or fabric. 

It’s something more elusive. The dreamy musings and insights of a visionary designer, captured in every evocative fold and stitch.  The knowing, of who the wearer can be, or really is, and the understanding that beauty is everywhere, you just have to look.  Then you draw it out.
Just as a beautiful dress is not defined by detail alone,
there is something inherently captivating in an approach that celebrates the female form and the woman as an individual... beautiful in her own right, regardless of age shape or size. 

In short, we believe all women are beautiful. Some just need need a little help in seeing that.





Often caught between the dazzle and deadlines of the business of fashion and their inner dream world and imaginings, there is endless pressure for designers to perform and meet expectations, whilst trying to remain true to their own inspiration.  It takes courage, willfulness and a certain other worldliness to succeed at this and it is these very qualities that shine through in Angelina's work… remaining authentic to her core influences and values, from concept to creation and throughout her entire business.

Seeing trends but not governed by them, and so creating in her couture wedding dresses a distinctive and timeless quality that stands out enough to tempt a bride no matter the distance.  


We like to think of our consultations as a place where curves are discovered and waistlines are born.  

They are held in the privacy of our Richmond boutique, and are the perfect setting for you to try on gowns from our collection, or if you like, discuss any ideas of your own you may wish to explore with Angelina's help.


Our consultations are relaxed and highly creative... and we like to think, fun, whether you come on your own or with someone special.

You will be given honest insight and feedback and gently encouraged to express your own personal sense of style, as you are led step by step through the design process towards a look that is perfect for you, your personality and figure... whatever that may be.   


Angelina works very intuitively with each client, and her creativity, attention to detail and her ability to understand and transform by drawing out the personality of each bride, means that you can expect anything but the ordinary from both your dress and the experience. 

You will know, with absolute certainty, that your gown not only looks incredible but also feels comfortable and is true to you.  

Taking women to that place takes a very special skill.  Angelina’s profound understanding of what women really need from a dress enables her to totally transform a silhouette beyond recognition, by celebrating those curves and redefining those waistlines.


A little heads up… Angelina is unashamedly a perfectionist, so not satisfied until each drape and fold of silk is perfectly in place and her vision complete, so you won’t be allowed to leave until she can see you are smiling, inside and out!






Our relationship with you is important to us from the start, so in a world where everything happens online, we like to keep the whole experience different... and more personal, which is why all our bookings are made over the phone or in person. It can take just a few minutes if necessary, but ideally we like to have a chat, albeit brief,  before booking you in for a design consultation.   This is so we can have a better understanding of what you're looking for... even if you're not sure what that is... and be better prepared for your visit. 


We are, of course, also happy to chat with you by email if you prefer and also welcome any enquiries at where we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. 


If you’re passing, you are also welcome to drop into our beautiful boutique on Hill Rise in Richmond and one of our very friendly team will answer any questions you may have or book an appointment for a personal design consultation.  


For more info on our gowns, products or service… or to book a consultation please call 020 8948 8898 and we’ll do our best to help.


We look forward to meeting you!

Luxury couture wedding dress designer in London, Angelina Colarusso.
Luxury couture wedding dress designer in London, Angelina Colarusso.
Luxury couture wedding dress designer in London, Angelina Colarusso.
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