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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Although the path to the perfect wedding day doth often run smoothly, over the course of 25 years of business, we’ve collated a few woeful tales from some rather unfortunate brides - you couldn’t make these bridal wear disasters up if you tried!

While we, of course, encourage all of our brides to find the dress and shoes that they feel most comfortable and beautiful in, when it comes to the rest of the wedding party – there are plenty of opportunities for tragedy to strike! If you envisage your wedding as a stunning and serene event, then ditch the stress that comes with these nuptial faux pas.

Avoid Bridal Wear Disasters


The tradition of having the hen and stag do's the night before the big day has, thankfully, transcended. However, in the last month and weeks leading up to that walk down the aisle, we urge you all to consider just how much you indulge on your hen do!

For fear of sounding unduly dramatic, let us take a moment to elaborate.

Twisting your ankle when you’ve had a few too many cocktails and having to limp down the aisle is never a good look and one that we suggest you avoid! We have had to make a sling to match the bridal wear for one of our brides before after she took a tipple-induced topple on her hen do and broke her wrist. While we do make the finest of silk slings, it is not really the ideal wedding accessory for your big day!

Of course, let loose and enjoy yourself by all means - but remember that you have a VIP day fast approaching.


Orange is the new blush!

Many have been there - the promise of a streak-free golden but natural looking tan can be tempting but when you wake up the next day with more than a touch of the David Dickenson’s (sorry David!), you might start to regret that spray-tan top-up.

Looking naturally tanned and glowing on your wedding day is a dream for many, so if you are planning on faking it on your big day, make sure you have plenty of practice beforehand to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

I’ll never forget one lovely bride who tried out a new tan just days just before her wedding. She actually had to go through her day - vows, photos and all - the colour of a Satsuma. So, be warned!...plan ahead and don’t leave this one to the end of your to-do list!  

"Our one gift to you when it comes to fake tans is this: get it done professionally. You won’t regret it."


The same timeliness and organisation needs to be applied to any other beauty processes that can go wrong. Make-up can be fixed, and hair can be pinned, but covering up irritated skin from last minute laser hair removal can be a little trickier to disguise!

We have had a very unfortunate case where a bride suffered such severe underarm burns that we had to make sleeves for her beautiful strapless summer gown! Needless to say, she then had to suffer the added stress of suing the company on return from her honeymoon! What a great start to her married life! Plan ahead and avoid the hassle.


And finally…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Make sure you eat something before your fitting. We would recommend that you seriously consider postponing your bridal wear consultation if you’re hungover or feeling unwell. Remember, this should be an enjoyable experience throughout.

We’ve had a bride who ended up feeling faint and needed to be cut out of her corset whilst collapsed in a heap on the floor  - and another that actually threw up over her wedding dress! And - thankfully not one of our brides -  but we have heard of another bride  who fainted during a fitting and broke her jaw in the process. Drama indeed!

With so much going on when planning your wedding day, it can feel a little overwhelming with things to do, places to go and many, many items on your to-do list to remember. But you can avoid certain disaster by sidestepping these nightmares waiting to happen with some careful planning.

Until next time,

Angelina x



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