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Updated: Feb 13

Organising a wedding is a big deal. And no matter how in love you are, it can sometimes put a lot of strain on you and your relationship; and even cause anxiety and stress. But the hunt for your bridal wear doesn’t have to be stressful.

The first step towards stress-free wedding planning is embracing the nerves and jitters that accompany this fabulous journey from girlfriend into wife; after all, you are only feeling this way because this is the most exciting time in the life of any bride-to-be.

Trying to understand what to look for and how to go about your search for the wedding dress that will be 'the one' for you can be very daunting from the start.


Knowing where to begin can be mind-boggling and confusing in itself, especially when you find yourself at the centre of a whirlwind of information from the media, magazines and the often contradicting opinions of well-meaning friends and family.

Of course, your big day is exactly that - a big deal, but the planning and preparation for your wedding should be all part of the fun! Following our tips so that you know what to look out for can help you make the most of the ride. It can also be a life saver, helping the stress just melt away… Not forgetting, of course, that a glass of bubbly always helps!

With a relaxed frame of mind, you are much more likely to find the full bridal wear look that you want; finding the right dress and the perfect veil so that you can feel beautiful, confident and unstoppable on the day. 

“The right look should embrace your personality, accentuate your quirks and nuances, flatter your figure and make you feel on top of the world”

This is because, more than anything, it's about how the dress makes you feel - be that timeless elegance, sensuous, luxurious, glamorous or pretty, feminine and romantic.... Whatever works for you!

It's not about how it conforms to fashionable trends or whether it satisfies other people's tastes (although you should always consider your partner’s taste!). Other than that, go for whatever it takes to make you feel amazing - without compromise! 

Choosing Your Bridal Wear

Bringing out the beauty and personality of the individual has always been at the heart of our philosophy, and we have long believed that the perfect dress is not dictated by passing trends.

"A truly memorable and iconic wedding dress is timeless because it not only looks beautiful forever but it also captures the soul and individuality of the bride."

No matter what your taste in gowns, no matter what your size, shape or personality, our dresses are designed to bring out your unique side, which is important to express on your wedding day, and which is so often hidden within the busy-ness of everyday life. 

We truly believe that your search for the right bridal wear should be relaxed, fun, and exciting. We also believe that every bride is special, which is why we always give exclusivity in our one-to-one personal consultations - which are by appointment only - allowing each bride the privacy and undivided attention she deserves.


Having been in the UK wedding industry for 25 years, we have seen fashions come and go - and we have seen bride after beautiful bride stress and worry in the lead up to the wedding, invariably without due cause.

This stress can be overwhelming, but we’ve put our heads together to come up with these tips for staying cool in the lead up to your wedding.

1. From the start, and throughout it all, remember: this is about the two of you. The love you share, the commitment that you are going to make to each other and the start of an amazing new life for you both. Keep that in your mind, at all times.

2. Remind yourself, and each other, of that fact regularly. Especially when all the minutiae start turning into monsters, as they surely will.

3. Know that you and your partner will probably fall out at some point during the lead up to your wedding. This is perfectly normal. Friends and family, too, believe it or not. Emotions run high and this tends to bring out the best and worst in people! But know too, that regardless of how bad it seems at the time, you will all get through it together. I don't know how or why, but in my experience, it always seems to magically resolve itself in time for the big day - so take a deep breath and know that it will invariably pass… And remind yourself of what's really important: See above!

4. Do whatever you need to do to look after yourself and the things that will help you feel good. This is more important than ever at this time. Guard your time and energy ferociously! Everyone and everything will want a piece of you but this is the one time in your life when it's okay, important, even, to be selfish if needs be. You're going to need every last drop of precious energy to keep you stress-free, thinking clearly and looking radiant throughout, and ready to celebrate!

5. Do what you can to stay organised! Keep track of your To Do lists and keep on top of things, but don't expect too much from yourself at the same time – you are but one woman. Definitely don't try to do it all on your own! Remember that we all need support sometimes and not everything needs to be done by your own fair hands.

Delegate, delegate, delegate - to anyone you can. Your groom, the bridal party, bridesmaids, friends and family – they are all there to lend a hand where they can. It will help them feel valued and important, and it will help keep you sane! 

How We Can Help You

At Angelina Colarusso, we know that life doesn’t always run smoothly, with things going to plan; stress happens, we get that. We know that even the best placed intentions can add to the stresses and worries that are placed on a bride trying to find a wedding dress that she will treasure forever.

Our hand-stitched gowns are tailored to your requirements, specifications and body, to ensure just that - you get a dress that embraces who you are. Our design consultations are relaxed, and a place where ideas can come to fruition and leave you satisfied that everything is under control. We are always on hand to quell any worries you might have in the meantime.

Our boutiques in Richmond, London and Thames Ditton, Surrey are the perfect environment to soak up the excitement, revel in the couture design process and take the first step towards becoming the bride you always knew you would be.

With all that being said, in the end, regardless of the journey you take, all that's left for you to do on the day is take a deep breath, smile and rock that beautiful, hand-crafted dress the way it was intended! 

Angelina x 



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