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So, what exactly is it that turns the sweetest of brides into that dreaded fiery fiend, most commonly known as the Bridezilla?!

I’m not suggesting that some brides aren’t born Bridezillas - because I suspect we've all met a few who were in the making long before they even met their Fiancé - but, as an eternal optimist, I believe most start off as unsuspecting as you or me.

Fundamentally, they just want to get it right; but the demands of modern life as we all know, leave very little time for ourselves - let alone, the fine tuning of 'small projects' like planning a wedding.

So, whether you're a bridesmaid, mother of the bride or perhaps a desperate groom frantically wondering where his well-balanced, charming and polite girlfriend went… Don't be too quick to judge.


Over my 25 years of dressing beautiful brides, I have been supremely fortunate in encountering very few Bridezillas.

I put this down to the fact that, in my heart of hearts, I believe they are merely born out of the stress and total overload of prenuptial frustration - not knowing where to begin or how to hold it all together. They are regular girls who are very excited about getting married, finding the bridal wear of their dreams, and sharing their big day with the people they love the most.

It is more the sheer volume of ‘things to do’ that comes with planning a wedding that completely overwhelms her - cue the destructive descent into an out of control frenzy!

As an example - and I have had first-hand experience of this - witnessing before my very eyes a bride-to-be who is perfectly comfortable with me, but really quite Bridezilla-esque in her dealings with another wedding professional.

I have come to understand that this is simply because what I see before me is a bride who is a little anxious and in need of reassurance, while others may interpret this as Bridezilla behaviour. 

“What comes first, the dragon or the egg? Treat them like a Bridezilla and they'll behave like one!”

Experience tells me that brides only become Bridezillas when they become anxious that something or someone is not helping them achieve their ‘vision’ of the big day. It’s about seeing the behaviour and understanding the reasons behind it.

Personally, I find that a bit of empathy goes a long way; by working through any issues that are troubling the bride, and trying to accommodate perceived ‘pickiness,' you can soon turn that frown upside down!

Great Bridal Wear service will calm your Inner Bridezilla

A philosophy that is central to our business is always to go out of our way to help our brides feel confident and assured that they are in safe hands. This way, they will always leave us with a big smile on their face, knowing they have the perfect wedding dress they always envisaged for their special day.  No stress!

With all this said, no one wants the label. The best way to avoid being a ‘Bridezilla’ is to keep your stress levels down. Fundamentally, remember to take care of yourself, so you’re feeling energised, healthy and ready to take on the extra workload! There’s nothing worse than a bride in a fabulous frock, with under-eye bags as her key accessory.

Make sure you have absolute trust in the professional’s you choose to work with in the lead up to your big day. With an abundance of wedding vendors and suppliers to choose from, you have the luxury of choice - so take your time, pick wisely and most importantly only work with people you get on with. These are the people who you believe will help you achieve the day of your dreams in whatever service they are providing.

In summary, we’re not excusing total craziness, but if you’re not allowed to be a bit of a diva on the run up to your wedding day, when can you be?!?





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