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Keeping COOLER than cool on your Wedding Day.

When you’re wrapped up in the excitement of wedding preparation on your special day and a heatwave arrives, you may just want to keep in mind a few basic tips to help keep the frazzle at bay.


The first and all important rule is to keep stress at a minimum. It has been scientifically proven that stress can affect body temperature, so it will only get you hot and bothered and that’s the last thing you need in the sweltering heat. Your wedding planner will have, of course, planned your day to perfection but invariably there may be a whirlwind of unavoidable scenarios going on…..guests …and ring bearers... stuck in traffic, bridesmaids falling out with each other, uncomfortable family dynamics…and in this case, the hottest day since 1906. Of course you can’t control the weather , or probably any of these other scenarios …but you can be careful not to get drawn in to any of the dramas going on around you. It is possible, if you stay mindful. You may do well to allocate a no-nonsense someone you trust, to bat away other people’s issues so you can focus on what’s important. ….yourself and your groom. Bottom line ...As long as the two of you are there…the rest you can forget and let go of. 

ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME...but not too much....

It’s always important to get the timing right on dressing but it's especially true if it’s a hot day. We always recommend having a "dressing" rehearsal so that you know exactly how long it takes to get into your dress comfortably and so your dresser knows what to expect. Corset lacing, buttons and rouleau, trains, veils all take time...and practice. If your dresser is a bag of nerves on the day, you may be too! Take care to make a note of your timings....Dressing late will get you flustered of course, but being ready earlier than necessary and hanging around in your beautiful dress getting hot and sweating it out is not ideal either.


Ice cold bubbly might seem like a good idea but keep it to a

minimum when you're getting ready as alcohol can make you feel warmer and can cause flushing and blushing. Neither is especially attractive as you’re walking up the aisle, so drink what makes you happy and to keep nerves at bay but not enough to you lose your cool. Try balancing the bubbly with sips of cool water to keep you hydrated during dressing, but not gallons as you’ll need to keep dashing to the loo! After the ceremony...the worlds your oyster and you can indulge to you hearts content!


It may be worth remembering that a lot of the most beautiful listed buildings are not allowed air con so be sure to check ahead on this and on the availability of electric fans. ...and take your own as well if necessary. If you do have air con...use it.... and stay cool as long as you can. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the sun later.


Your make up artist and hair stylist should have ample know how and ways of keeping you looking good for longer in the warm weather, so if the forecast predicts exceptionally hot temperatures it maybe worth checking ahead that they are well equipped. There are numerous primers, powders and sprays so make sure you can try them out at your trial session and find what works best for you, and best suits your skin type and hair. 


On a day when emotions are running high it's important to have some help at keeping those bridal blushes at bay , so a good deodorant is essential...and definitely worth the research before hand.   We know several of our brides have opted for clinical strengths or "sweat block" antiperspirants which can be applied days ahead of the wedding. Probably not the healthiest option for long term use but they do seem to do the trick . If you find the vast array of products on offer confusing, you may do well ask a good pharmacist for their recommendations....and we cannot stress how important it is to ALWAYS test these products for skin sensitivity and performance well beforehand.


Don't forget about your wedding party and guests. You might want to share these tips with them and maybe consider supplying pretty hand held fans and parasols to help keep them cool throughout the day too.Not only a really nice gesture but they also make lovely momentos for you all to take home and remember your special day by, because one thing's for sure, it will be over in a smile, relax...and stay cool. 

Angelina x


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