Celebrating 25 years of iconic design.......

Sensuously sculpted in exquisite silks, each gown captures the very spirit of vintage silver screen and the timeless elegance of the world's most unforgettable women.

Our gowns can be viewed, by appointment, in our Richmond boutique where you can choose from the collection or opt for something totally personalised with Angelina's help. Consultations are always very relaxed, creative and, we are told... a lot of fun.

It's the perfect time to discuss and develop ideas, drawing on Angelina's impeccable eye and years of experience. You will be encouraged to express your own personal sense of style and will be given honest insight and feedback as you are led step by step, through the design process.
Your dress would then be beautifully hand crafted in house, in the UK, by our team of highly skilled seamstresses, ensuring that every dress is fitted and finished to perfection.

Whether you are looking for drama, understated elegance, or something that is simply unique to you, Angelina's intuitive vision and personal approach will draw out the very best of you. You will be taken on a journey, inspired by the golden age of couture, and led into a world reminiscent of a time that was full of romance, and people and places were dripping with glamour.