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It takes a very special designer and a truly distinctive look to prompt a busy bride to hop on a flight from all corners of the globe for the dress of their dreams, but for almost 30 years determined brides, wanting to make an unforgettable personal statement, have done just that....travelling to Angelina Colarusso in search of a wedding dress that is totally unique, and in their mind, unlike any other bridal wear.


Unassuming and dedicated to being master of her craft,  Angelina is now known for her exquisite redefining corsetry and is often referred to as "the queen of body draping". It is her vision and these two unique skills in particular that make her gowns standout, both in unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship. They are not just wedding dresses but symbols of  iconic beauties from another era or place in time ....a place in Angelina's imagination or memory. Years of watching endless Hollywood movies as a young Italian catholic, restricted to the confines of home ....her escape into another world, a world full of romance where people and places were dripping with glamour.  

Making wedding dresses for mature brides and second time brides, older brides and curvy brides in our couture workroom.

Now, imbuing each dress with that same iconic glamour, she is unashamedly a perfectionist, not satisfied until each drape of fabric is precisely positioned and each fold of silk justly in its place and her vision complete.


Angelina’s creativity, attention to detail and her uncanny ability to understand and transform by drawing out the personality of each bride, means that they can expect anything but the ordinary from either their dress or the experience. 


Whether you are looking for drama, understated elegance or something that is simply unique, Angelina's intuitive vision and personal approach will draw out the very best of you. 

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