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Couture Wedding Dresses for Mature Brides

On this page I have highlighted a selection of gowns from our collections that have worked very well for older brides, but there may of course be others that I have not included here that could also work very well for you. It’s largely about personality and knowing yourself and your own sense of style, so anything goes…with a little guidance. As we offer a bespoke service, we are free to create and work any way we choose, so all the collections and wedding dresses on our site are shown to give an idea of our styling but are not limited to these designs. If you have a certain look in mind but don’t see a dress that is exactly right for you, or if you are looking for something totally unique to you, that’s absolutely fine and we are happy to work with you either way. Our designs can be adapted by changing details like necklines, adding or removing sleeves or embellishments, shortening or changing skirt shapes..and of course changing fabrics and colours. I would always be happy to advise on any of these during the course of a consultation or even just in a chat if you prefer.   It can be very daunting looking for a wedding dress at any age but as I mentioned in my blog, I think this is particularly true for older brides who invariably can have more ‘society added’ pressure, and therefore, more potential hang ups to take in to consideration. It shouldn’t be the case of course, and we’re told we shouldn’t care, but in my experience, I have found that even the most self assured, successful and otherwise confident ladies can falter when it comes to looking for their wedding dress… as an older bride. For all sorts of reasons. It can be very helpful running your ideas past friends, but when it comes to actual decision making, it can be quite hard to know who to ask.Presumably why we so we often have brides coming to their consultations on their own. We do welcome friends or family members of course, but please do be carefully selective. It needs to be someone you can trust, who can be honest with you and who you know has your best interest at heart. Also someone who understands your style and won’t try to impose their own on you. Rule of thumb, if you’re in any doubt, leave them out. You’re better off coming on your own. If you do decide to meet with us on your own…we are very friendly and I promise you will feel comfortable and at home within minutes. We’ll make you your drink of choice as we sit down to talk though your ideas, if you have any. It’s not unheard of for brides to turn up without a clue of what they want to wear. Others have a crystal clear view but just need someone to help realise that vision for them. We are happy working with both scenarios and everything in between. Either way…I will do my best to give my honest feed back and insight learned from over thirty years of working with brides of all shapes, sizes and personalities... if you would like it!

Old Hollywood Glamour Wedding Dresses  

The bridal gowns in this collection, very much ooze Hollywood Glamour, although in more vintage silver screen style than todays oscars. Because of this, they are timelessly elegant but striking…and sexy but in a more sensual, discreet way.

Less cleavage and more hour glass, courtesy of our (if I don’t say so myself) pretty fantastic corsetry. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, we can find curves in all the right places you never realised you had, so don’t be put off by thinking you need to be willowy to wear these.

I like to use really luxurious fabrics for these styles so silk duchesse satin works really well, also taffetas, velvet and fur trim.

 As with all our Bridal couture collections, designs can be re-invented based on these, or adapted by changing colour or details, adding sleeves etc…

If you like the gowns in our Hollywood Glamour selection but want more dramatic effect, you may love our Haute Couture Drama Collection below which are like these on steroids!

 Haute Couture Drama  

The couture bridal gowns in this collection have all the theatre, opplulance and drama of 1950’s Haute Couture for fearless brides who just want to knock them dead!


This is where older brides really have the upper hand, because whilst you may want to keep a tiny eye on balance, no one will ‘expect’ you to necessarily turn up in pure white. So here’s your chance to play that card and make sure they remember your entrance…in the way you deserve!

Size is irrelevant. Our inbuilt corsetry will highlight or minimise anything you wish, in anyway you want, turning the androgynous into hour glass, or reigning in, over exuberant rubanesque curves if so desired.

The sky’s the limit here, also in terms of fabric, shape and colour. And if statement is what you’re after, we can go as bold as you dare and make as many changes to these designs as you like... or go with something even more unique to you if you prefer. Lots of fun to be had here and I promise I’ll let you know if I think you’re nearing that edge!


If you’re after a tiny bit less drama, you may want to go more Hollywood glamour using bolder colours maybe?

 Timeless Romantics 

Graceful, delicate and feminine, our timeless romantics bridal gowns are perfect for sophisticated bohemian brides.

Diaphanous silhouettes, floaty fabrics and intricate detailing are great for older brides who are gentle at heart and still want to capture the romance, but in a soft, individual and unique way. 


I have used lots of very delicate tules, laces and chiffon for these wedding dresses keeping with the mood and which are great for ‘illusion’ covering up, be they necklines or sleeves.


Great for covering up without ‘feeling’ covered up... are perfect for more petite brides who can easily feel swamped. 

As with all our collections, I would be happy to adapt designs, fabrics or colours or start afresh if you prefer.

Stately Modern Elegance

The bridal gowns in this collection have a certain stately, almost regal air to them but with a modern individual twist. 

With in built corsetry, these styles are great for grand venues and older brides with attitude who want to make an entrance but not break completely with tradition.


For these of you who couldn’t care less about tradition, you may prefer our “Haute Couture Bride” collection!

I have selected slimmer and fishtail silhouettes here but if you prefer higher statement, fuller skirts or possibly detachable trains, you may also like others from our Palazzo Collection 

As with all our collections, all of these designs can be re-invented or adapted to a more bespoke design by changing colour or details, adding sleeves etc.